Lost Password

  So you've tried and tried, but you just can't remember your password? No problem. Follow the simple steps below, and you'll be able to reset your password. For this to work, you need to have access to files on your server and/or account. Meaning, you have to be able to edit files on the server. Nothing uncommon. Let's get started:

How To Reset Your Password
  1. Using either FTP or a web interface, go into your Subscriber directory, then into the directory of the list you're trying to log in to. Then, download the "vars.txt" file in that directory. NOTE: You don't need the "vars.txt" in the Subscriber directory, just the one in the directory of that particular list.

  2. Edit the first line in the "vars.txt" file so it looks like this:

    $pass = "bs.dKUQccNT/c";
    Or on FreeBSD-based servers:
    $pass = "\$1\$bs\$yAT9Kx3SasrdUi/YYvmVz/";

  3. Re-upload the "vars.txt" file the same directory you downloaded it from (the directory of the list).

  4. Log in to that list with the password "test" (without the quotes).

  5. Go into the "Edit Variables" screen and change the password to whatever you want.

  6. You're done!

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